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French Exit x Moruf "Garden State of Mind"

"Turn your ideas to reality"

What are your inspirations for your music coming from?
" fam..j music any genre..and life it self I get inspired on a daily..ben wantin 2 do dis for a min.."

When is the mixtape dropping, how are you gonna distribute it, and what are your plans after it drops??
"Dis is not a is a prelude..premixtape..jus sum fresstyles n shyt.should b distrubuted on and zshare..plan after to wrk on the official mixtape focus on school streetwearcouture (SWC)

<a href="">Crooklyn Freestyle by Moruf</a>

<a href="">Wassup Wassup Freestyle by Moruf</a>

Free Dreams from Anissa Marie on Vimeo.

NJ Bred artist Moruf drops a gem.
Garden State of Mind: Prelude

Be on the look for the official mixtape droppin in January

We Were Once A Fairytale

I really love this.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Street Etiquette x PhotobyTONE

Myself being a hypebeast follower, I caught on to the SE blog quickly. It was dope and real innovative, and still is. There really are no fashion blogs that young black men can really go by. Just knowing about brands doesn't mean that you dress well, it just means your a hypebeast. The idea is genious. I met J Kissi in Soho one day after recognizing one of his friends that I had seen in his photography. After the couple minutes of conversation, he ended up being a down-to-earth guy and friendly, especially. I'm not sure why, but I wasn't expecting that from him. I thought he would be the really business-orientated, always makin' moves, blackberry buzzin' of the hook type of dude. If you're interested and ever see this duo shuttin' it in down in the city, make sure to give daps and pounds.

Sidebar: TONE is the next Andy Warhol, check him out.

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Money To Blow

Money To Blow - Drake, Birdman & Lil' Wayne

Off the new Birdman album..